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MAKROSPEC® -high-quality carriers made by FEW-

More than 90 % of all materials manufactured in the chemical industry are produced using catalytic processes. Efficient catalysts drive both, the product characteristics as well as the process efficiency. In this context, the use of macroporous glasses as catalyst support has been a widely-discussed topic within scientists.

The applications of porous glasses has already been established in the field of enzyme immobilization and the production of composite materials and high-quality fillers. So far the growth of macroporous materials has been limited by the inavailability of high quality material at economically feasible prices FEW Chemicals has solved this problem.

With our new developed MAKROSPEC® product range, we have implemented an industrial production to deliver high quality materials at competitive prices.


The MAKROSPEC® carriers are characterized by:

Homogeneous, open pore system with high specific surface area (up to 100 m2/g)

High thermal, mechanical & chemical stability against acids and organic solvents

Extensive surface modifiability

Biological compatibility