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High Temperature Cross-Linking

 Nano-coatings for high temperature resistant coatings on glass and ceramics

Many glass and ceramic products are exposed to temperatures > 400 °C during their use. Scratch resistant or colored coatings can be already decomposed at temperatures above 250 °C.

FEW offers different silica, titanium and zirconia sols or metal oxide composite sols, each with ethanol as a solvent for these applications:

productmetal oxidesolid content
H 2000silicon oxideca. 10 %
H 2003silicon oxideca. 4 %
H 9005titanium dioxideca. 10 %
H 9006titanium dioxideca. 5 %
H 9008silicon oxide/zirconium oxideca. 5 %
H 9095silicon oxide/titanium dioxideca. 4 %
H 9091zirconium oxideca. 8 %