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 Easy-to-Clean – functionalized coatings help to reduce cleaning times

Easy-to-Clean layers present a low surface energy. Such surfaces are hydrophobic – water drips off – and oleophobic – oily liquid drips off. Indications are the contact angles by water of > 90° and by hexadecane of > 65°.

A variety of soils may adhere less.

example: ink on stainless steel

Less effort is required to remove soils.

example: ink on stainless steel after the same cleaning time

A liquid contamination on a coated surface can adhere well when the surface is covered as much as possible. A complete adhesion is reached if the contact angle of the liquid is 0°. The larger the contact angle is, the worse the liquid covers the surface and more easily the surface can be cleaned.

Depending on the type of dust an Easy-to-Clean function may not be sufficient for a reduction of the cleaning time in case of dust pollution. Here often an additional antistatic functionalization is necessary.